I finally did it

I have always wanted to blog. I love to read blogs, I love to write, I love to engage in discussion, I love to learn… I especially love to learn about other cultures, families, moms, women, kids, experiences, etc. Since I was little I have been absolutely HUNGRY to learn, I use to read the dictionary for fun and even went through a phase where I was studying the periodic table of elements on the regular. I’m a nerd through and through, and proud of it. Blogs have always fascinated me because they serve (in my opinion) as a collection. HOW COOL IS THAT? A collection of thoughts, opinions, experiences, reminders, recipes, etc. I just think that is so neat and have always wanted one for myself, so here we are, I finally did it and I think it’s going to be so fun.

So, what should you expect? I intend to post twice a week, Tuesdays and Fridays at 5 p.m. (my time, PT). Each post will be something different, maybe a recipe I tried and loved or didn’t love. Beauty related things I love, opinions on current events (YIKES! Am I brave or what?), momming things, wife things, ALL THE THINGS. This is my intention, we will see how it pans out so please bear with me. Also, please note I am not a techy blog expert, nor am I an English major, so adjust your standards accordingly.

*EDIT: posting spontaneously (insert laughing emoji)

Lastly, I just want to reiterate my desire to keep this place positive and educational, from all aspects. We can learn so much from each other and we really do have more in common than you might think (despite what the news might tell you). Anything that goes against that will be removed, if negativity is what you seek, there are many other places to find it, this will not be one of them. Thanks so much friends, cheers! πŸ™‚


With love,




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