Colourpop Haul & Review

Happy Tuesday friends! I recently placed an order with Colourpop cosmetics. If you aren’t familiar, Colourpop is a company based out of California, they make affordable makeup and are known for their strange putty like texture. Recently though, they’ve expanded their line and now carry pressed powder products, concealers, etc and all at an affordable price! I recently ordered a few products and thought I’d share my thoughts on a few. So, let’s get into it.



First up, we’ll discuss the highlighters. I ordered one of their classic “Super Shock Highlighters” and 4 of their newer “Pressed Powder Highlighters”. I swatched them all next to each other for reference, that way you can easily compare colors, let’s take a look.

First is the classic super shock formula in the shade Flexitarian, you GUYS. This highlight is absolutely STUNNING. This is Colourpop’s classic putty type formula, it’s not a cream, it’s not a powder, it’s something strange and in between. It goes on easily over top of powders without disturbing your makeup. I prefer to apply this with my fingers, it is cruelty free, vegan and only $8.00, HIGHLY recommend this one!


Next are the newer pressed powder formula highlights, I’m going to post all the pictures, just labeling shade names and then I’ll discuss the formula.

Ruffle My Feathers, swatched under Flexitarian

Top to bottom: Flexitarian, Ruffle My Feathers, Here Kitty Kitty

Top to bottom: Flexitarian, Ruffle My Feathers, Here Kitty Kitty, S’il Vous Play

Top to bottom: Flexitarian, Ruffle My Feathers, Here Kitty Kitty, S’il Vous Play, Boujee Call

These Colourpop Pressed Powder Highlights are also $8.00, cruelty free, and vegan (I’m not sure that all their shades in this formula are vegan though so if that’s important to you, be sure and check before you order!). These highlights come separate from their little compact, when you receive them it will just be the pan packaged separate from the compact, you drop the pan into the magnetized compact and you’re good to go. The compact does not cost extra. Overall, I am happy with these highlights, they are well worth the money and the quality competes with high end highlighters. My favorites are Flexitarian (super shock formula) and Here Kitty Kitty in the pressed powder formula. S’il Vous Play and Ruffle My Feathers were my least favorite, I found the formula to require some building and they weren’t quite as smooth and glossy as the others but still, definitely not bad and if you like the color, I say go for it.

Next up we’ll discuss the eyeshadow palette I ordered (I own two of their other eyeshadow palettes too, if you’d like to see a review and swatches on those, let me know and I’d be happy to do that!).

This is the “Yes, Please!” palette (which is weird because the front of the actual palette says cute af, not my favorite packaging ever but… I actually prefer the box (outer packaging) that this palette came in, so cute with the bright yellow and what not. Packaging aside, this palette looked promising, warm shadows are my favorite and this is as warm and toasty as they come! Let’s get into swatches and then I’ll give you my final thoughts.

You’ll notice there are two swatches of each color, the top is a brush swatch (with a basic flat shader brush) and the bottom is a finger swatch. These all swatched quite beautifully! I did notice that in the second row (middle picture, second color from the top, the gold shade) the gold shade was a bit crumbly but you can see from the swatches that I was able to work with it and still achieve beautiful, shiny color payoff. In that same row (middle picture, 4th shade), the last burnt orange shade needed a little help too, I had to build it up slightly, definitely wasn’t a deal breaker for me but I did want to mention it. Last thing I wanted to note, you’ll notice in the left-hand picture, the cream shade at the top looks non-existent because it is basically the same shade as my skin. Overall, I am impressed with this palette, I have been able to achieve some really beautiful looks with these shadows, they blend easily and wear really well. This palette will run you $16.00 (which is mind blowing to me) and is cruelty free (note: not vegan due to, presumably, carmine… go ahead and Google it if you’re interested). This palette is a big hit for me and competes with high end brands in terms of quality. Very well done Colourpop!

That’s going to conclude this haul and review! All products are available on Colourpop’s website, (free shipping over $50). Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll see you all on Friday! 🙂



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