Make a Glitter Bomb With Your kids

Well well well, fancy seeing you here. Last night I made glitter bombs (what my kids are calling them) with my kiddos and their friends (it was sleepover Friday), it was such a hit, and I had a few questions from people asking how we made them. Let me preface this by saying that this isn’t some unique or original thing, if you Google “easy kid crafts”, you’ll find tons of variations of this experiment, this is just how we did it and it was super fun, easy and cheap. Let’s get started.

What you’ll need…

What you needYou don’t have to use a mason jar, this is what we went with, be sure to use something with a lid that closes tightly (we tried the plastic mason jar lids, it was a no-go), and be sure to go with glass.

Step one: fill your container just over half with vegetable oil..

add oil

Step two: add water…

add water

You should now have something that looks like this and a perfect opportunity to discuss oil, water, density, molecules, etc… 😉

what it should look like now.JPG

Next comes the fun part! Add your food coloring, keep in mind that dark colors will overtake everything a bit so add less, we went with roughly 10-13 drops in total.

food coloring.JPG

Then you can add glitter, you could probably even try little confetti pieces, whatever you’d like, we stuck to food coloring and glitter (this time).

add glitter.JPG

Then we’re going to add the alka-seltzer for some effervescence, we broke the seltzer tabs up into chunks…

add alka seltzer


Ooh, ahh…. so pretty!

end result

This is the end result, if you skip the glitter, the food coloring will hang together more and create a different effect… but who skips glitter? 😉 My kids had so much fun with this and it was educational, win win. Happy Saturday friends, hope your weekend is bomb dot com and we’ll chat again on Tuesday!